An unforgettable summer experience
Whale Shark Safari

Every summer between June and mid September, whale sharks migrate to Isla Contoy in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula to feed on the plankton in the nourished warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Don’t miss this SUMMER HIGHLIGHT and swim with the largest fish in the ocean!


*CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE* – in the unlikely event that during a whale shark tour reserved through us, you will not encounter any whale shark, we invite you to repeat the tour at no additional cost and go again. This “Customer Service Guarantee” makes it very unlikely that you will not be successful encountering a whale shark. Learn more…


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We were the Pioneers.

Pro Dive International has been organizing this exciting Whale Shark Safari for more than 10 years, and has been awarded the prestigious NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AWARD and GREEN STAR AWARD for their commitment to conservation and the aquatic environment. Considered the premier service provider, Pro Dive International supports The Whale Shark Project  focusing on the protection of these magnificent animals. A portion of their proceeds supports scientific studies.

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Whale Shark Safari Express/ Mexico

via Cancun from Playa del Carmen, on board snacks/ soft drinks, Snorkeling (Jun through Sep), incl. equipment, marine park fee

Regular price: US$249.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$224.10

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Daily from June 1st – September 15th

10 pax


  • No pregnant women.
  • No kids 0-5 years.
  • Swimming skills recommended.
  • No tour on the 30th of each month.
  • Price does not include: taxi/ ferry for guests that stay in Cozumel
  • Smoking on boats is prohibited.

What's included in your Whale Shark Safari?Itineraries & more


At the agreed time and place, we will pick you up from your hotel along the Riviera Maya and Cancun, or in front of Señor Frog’s near the ferry terminal in Playa del Carmen (guests from Cozumel)*, and drive you to the harbor in Cancun. During the ride, our guide will brief you about the day plan, whale shark biology and their habitat.  

Once we arrive at the marina, you will have time to enjoy a light, tasty breakfast and prepare for your adventure. After breakfast, we will depart for the whale shark area around Isla Contoy and start our search. If we spot manta rays on the way to the whale shark zone, the captain will stop the boat, so we can snorkel with these magnificent animals.

Once whale sharks are spotted, we will start with snorkeling in rounds of 2 guests and one guide. We swim slowly, smoothly and calmly. Respect, watch and enjoy these amazing creatures. Remember that we are just observants in their world. 

After this exciting snorkeling experience, we will serve sandwiches, fruits, water and soft drinks. On the way back, we will stop for some snorkeling, before heading to Isla Mujeres for lunch. There we will have an hour to relax and enjoy the picturesque lagoon of Playa Norte. After a wonderful day, we will return to the marina at about 3:30pm.

*COZUMEL GUESTS: ONLY ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, guests must take the 7:00 FERRY and meet with the team at the Senor Frogs near the ferry pier in Playa del Carmen. Since the pandemic, ferry companies no longer organize a 06:00 ferry trip. Consequently, the excursion starts later for guests coming from Cozumel. There will still be a lot of boats. If you can go to mainland, we recommend to organize it from there. *There is no Customer Guarantee or option to reschedule*


  • Multilingual guides (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian)
  • Air conditioned round-trip transportation from any hotel along the Riviera Maya
  • Light breakfast at the pier (cereals, honey, fruit and yogurt, sweet bread, coffee, milk, and fruit water)
  • Cold water and soft drinks on the boat
  • Beer after activity
  • Caribbean lunch in the lagoon of Isla Mujeres (varied sandwiches, shrimp or fish, ceviche, guacamole, and fruits)
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, or gluten-free food option is available if requested upon time of booking
  • Snorkeling equipment and safety jackets
  • Professional, licensed guide
  • Comfortable boat fully equipped, shaded area, first-aid kit, GPS, VHF radio
  • Snorkeling at Isla Mujeres.


Sunglasses, towel, hat or cap, biodegradable sun cream, shirt, swim suit, towel, sandals, biodegradable sunscreen (others not permitted), wetsuit if preferred, medicine for seasickness if needed, extra money for souvenirs and tips


  • Pictures & video clips of your adventure, plus a free gallery “The Best of Riviera Maya” (US$50)
  • Long sleeve shirt (US$25)
  • Whale Shark hat (US$25)
  • Wetsuit rental (US$20)



To preserve the habitat of whale sharks we conduct these safaris according to the guidelines of the Mexican Government and National Geographic.

  • 2 Visitors and a certified guide (biologist or naturalist) snorkel at same time.
  • Life jacket, wetsuit, or floating device mandatory
  • Remain at least 6 feet from the whale shark, so it’s not disturbed.
  • Never touch or cross paths with the whale sharks.
  • Use biodegradable sun protection only (or t-shirt), others are prohibited
  • 2 jumps per person per local rules and regulations

With above simple guidelines you will protect the whale sharks, their habitat, and yourself.

* Please note, the schedule is weather-dependent and can change. Please share your WhatsApp-number upon booking, so that Pro Dive’s team can reach you!




Whale Shark Safari Express/ Mexico

via Cancun from Playa del Carmen, on board snacks/ soft drinks, Snorkeling (Jun through Sep), incl. equipment, marine park fee

Regular price: US$249.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$224.10

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  1. The largest fish on our planet
  2. Not related to the whales
  3. Reach up to 14m/ 46ft
  4. Weigh up to 20.6t
  5. Feed by filtering plankton, squids, krill, small fish
  6. Possess about 3,000 tiny teeth, not used for eating
  7. Swims by moving its body from side to side, max. 5km/h

An unforgettable experience between June and September, during which you might even spot Manta Rays and Dolphins.