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Cozumel Dive Sites.


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Cozumel interactive reef map



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1.Barracuda Reef

2.San Juan Reef

3.Paradise Reef

4.Tormentos Reef

5.Yucab Reef

6.Punta Tunich

7.San Francisco

8.Santa Rosa

9.Paso Del Cedral

10.Palancar Garden

11.Palancar Caves

12.Palancar Bricks


14.Punta Sur

15.Chun Chacaab

16.Maracaibo Reef


Above more detailed descriptions and reef maps are for sale. thanks to Underwater editions.


:: Facts about diving on Cozumel.


Cozumel is famous for it's drift dives. Currents are usually mild (1-2 knots). The gulf

stream runs along the entire coast of Quintana Roo.

Cozumel has pleasant temperatures throughout the year. they average between 77'F(25'C)

and 90'F(32'C).

During the summer water temperatures between 80'F and 84'F (29'C). In the winter

water temperature down to 78'F (25'C).


Predominantly warm and sunny days, and an average year-round water temperature of

80'F (27'C) make the island and the Natural Marine Park a divers paradise.


On July 1966 this area became a protected National Park together with 9 other area's.

The national staff carries out various activities to conserve the ecosystems.

# Daily surveillance by park rangers.

# regulations of commercial and recreational activities.

# Environmental education Program for community.

# Reef fish count and reef fish check.

# Turtle conservation and rescue.

# beach & underwater clean-ups.

Pro Dive Mexico offers daily excursions to these fabulous reefs in the marine park.


:: Special dive site only done by Pro Dive Mexico.


We are happy to announce that as we are based more Northern of the island, some exclusive, less visited Dive sites are just minutes away from us. We are the only operator with the permits and professional staff to visit these sites. Barracuda reef and San Juan reef can be scheduled by more advanced divers from professional Dive centers worldwide. Please ask for availibilty.


cozumel sea life


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